"The city of Berlin provides a dynamic backdrop for this delicate, elegant film. Accentuating the subtle nature of this story is a perfectly-fitting soundtrack."  ~ Sedona International Film Festival 2018

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August In Berlin 

Filmed over 8 days in Berlin, Germany, AUGUST IN BERLIN is a character-driven drama that dives deep into the hearts of two strangers. Smith says, "I am a fan of intimate dramas like “My Dinner With Andre" and had the opportunity to make this film in Berlin. I loved the challenge of writing a story about two people who learn about each other in an intense few hours, through talking about work, life, the difficult past and the unknown future."

Writer-Director Becky Smith

Writer - Director Becky Smith is an Emmy nominee, Directing, for her work on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" the same year the show won an Emmy.

Her first feature, romantic comedy “16 to Life” (2009) was warmly received world-wide at more than 45 film festivals and won numerous awards including a sweep of Audience, Best Feature and Best Actress awards at MethodFest.  Film "16 to Life" is distributed widely by Warner Bros. Digital and is also available on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

Smith has directed numerous series and pilots for networks including MTV, MTV2, NBC, Fox, Disney Channel,
PBS, Fuse and ABC Family.

Smith is also Vice Chair & Head of Production in the UCLA School of Theatre, Film & Digital Media. She received her Master’s degree in film from Stanford University. She is an alumna of the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

CLICK HERE to read her complete filmography.





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